Rule of 3 makes commercials and documentaries about
real people doing amazing things.

We shine a light on true stories that move and inspire. We take a personal approach to our productions, gaining the trust of our subjects and presenting their stories in their own words. Our work has taken us from Appalachia to Detroit to Louisiana Bayous and beyond.

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Our Clients

Meet Our Team

Andy Madeleine — Director
Andy is a commercial, documentary, and music video director from Detroit, MI. He has directed spots for Adidas, Nordstrom, Twizzlers, Coca-Cola, and Chrysler. Other projects include his recent documentary “Above Below Sea Level”, which premiered at the Louisiana International Film Festival in 2017, and “Rana and Mahdi”, which premiered on Boooooom TV and was selected for Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival in 2019. Also working as a photographer, Andy regularly contributes to fashion and editorial magazines—a presence that overlaps with his work as a director.

Michael Steves — Director & Producer
Michael has directed and produced commercials and branded documentaries for clients including Amazon, Ring, IKEA, Bloomberg, and the Democratic Party. He also directed a horror-comedy feature film, Clinger, that premiered at Slamdance in 2015 and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize. His second feature, a horror-western, was distributed worldwide by eOne. His work has been covered in publications including the Huffington Post, Forbes, Indiewire, and LOGO.

Lucas San Juan — Producer & Strategist
Before joining Rule of 3, Lucas worked as a creative and business strategy consultant advising publishers, production companies, and visual effects technology firms. Working for Automatic Pictures, he helped develop The Juliet, an upcoming tentpole sci-fi film from Warner Brothers. He holds degrees in Economics and Film Studies from Wesleyan University. Since joining Rule of 3, he has produced branded documentaries and commercials for Amazon, Ring, and Bloomberg. His passions include local politics, astronomy, and his two adorable pitbulls, Scrappy and Maggie.